Terms Of Service

By visiting MilitaryMC's virtual store and accessing its services, packages, information, etc. we provide, you understand and agree to the following terms and conditions as stated in this policy (Known as a 'User Agreement'), along with the terms and conditions stated in our Privacy Policy section (please find our Privacy Policy section below for more information about this)

I - All packages purchased are final as all sold items are virtual goods and not redeemable or useable in the real world. Due to this, we practice a no refunds/chargeback policy unless an exception (or special agreement) is created under the agreement of both parties (The user & MilitaryMC’s Administration Team)

II - Attempts to bypass or break our refund/chargeback policy via filing a chargeback case with your credit card company or opening a dispute with PayPal will result in an immediate blacklist from all of MilitaryMC's platforms immediately. Doing this may result in a serious police investigation.

III - We are not responsible for any received items purchased by you or a third party that has lost the purchased item due to any of the following in-game experiences including but not limited to:

A server or player data reset

A server punishment, Ex. Permanent Ban, Mute, etc.

Getting killed or dying by any player(s), mob(s), or by any Natural Consequences such as dying of hunger, fall damage, etc.

A full inventory. When purchasing something, make sure to have your inventory empty.

IV - We have full access and control of perks, features, elements, and contents of the purchasable goods and packages in our store as well as in-game. This most likely will rarely happen, however, it is within the realm of possibility that a certain feature or element of a rank or any other content in the virtual store will be edited, refined to work differently, be fixed, or removed if chosen necessary by MilitaryMC’s administration team.

V - If any of the server(s) or game mode(s) on MilitaryMC are to ever shut down or close, refunds will not be available.

VI - You must be above the legal age of 18 or have permission from a parent or legal guardian to make any purchases or payments to our online store.

VII - Before purchasing any of our online packages, you must enter in the provided slots for personal information about yourself or of the credit card and/or money provider (Name, address, etc.). By accepting these terms, you automatically agree that this information is accurate, correct, and up to date.

VIII - We do not take any liability for our online goods being sold by third party users.

IX - No information obtained by you from our online store or through any other third party should make any guarantee, warranty, conditions, or any other agreement of any kind, except for those exclusively shown in these terms.

X - Purchasing any virtual goods from our online store for someone else is not allowed unless they grant you personal and explicit permission to do so.

XI - You are responsible for entering the correct username(s) for the package(s) that you will be/are purchasing!

Privacy Policy: Your information, whether it has been shared publicly or privately previously, will not be sold, exchanged, or given to any other company for any personal/commercial reason whatsoever, without your direct consent from the user responsible for the purchases of the item(s). The information provided will only be used for processing the payment, issues, and revolving the purchased packages and/or delivery of purchased goods.


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